1. 8/18/2014

    Amazing post! And I love your blog:)
    I am now following you on Google+, follow me back?:)


  2. 8/19/2014

    great post
    so many inspiring photos
    I love balconies- but the bigger the better :)
    e d i o t

  3. Rucsandra

    i like the last style from the last picture at the bottom because it seems more solid for winter time and it will fit the new apartment building that you live in better, in my opinion; the old white french (first picture adorable) fits with older buildings/houses. miss you lots, Cata!

    • I did not take a decision on the design, yet, off course, I’ll do smth to match the apartment. I put different pics from the web, old and new styles, pics that inspired me. I miss you too!

  4. 8/21/2014

    Foarte faine usile/geamurile, si mie imi plac astea inalte, luminoase, sunt asa romantice… dar cred ca o sa trebuiasca sa lasi putin-putin balcon, ca o deschidere asa, cu niste flori, n-ai sa mai pleci de acasa… toate pozele de inspiratie imi plac la nebunie <3


    • Da, voi lasa o bucata de balcon, cea care comunica cu sufrageria!
      Imi plac si mie florile, doar ca uit sa le ud, si mi-e teama ca vor pieri, insa cu siguranta voi avea vreo doua ghivece!

  5. 8/22/2014

    Frantuzesti, venetiene… si mie imi plac extreme de mult, inalte si care sa ofere multa lumina camerei. <3 Noi avem geamurile inalte pentru ca asa fost construit blocul si am pastrat inaltimea cand am schimbat geamurile. xoxo

  6. 8/26/2014

    Eu spun… go for it! Imi plac tare muult ferestrele tip usa si atat timp cat castigi loc in tot apartamentul, de ce nu? Cred ca va fi o incantare sa iti bei cafeaua la geamul la care odata a fost un balcon nefolositor!

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