1. simona

    I have a Brother sewing machine to…thanks for sharing with us, this can be useful.

  2. Tim

    I wake up sometimes feeling like I have an E 6 Error . Coffee usually helps . I was always opening up and working on my Mother’s sewing machine but this is before all the electronics . Bearing races usually load up with carbon and debris from the high heat and RPM’s it attracts it like a magnet . Very useful information .

  3. SueRetta

    Argh, E6 again!!!! This page gave me the confidence to open my machine…cleaned her up and she’s good to go. It was easy and I’m back to sewing! Thank you for your post.

  4. Amanda

    What an awesome post! I love it. I have a X-7700. Same problem.
    Removed 5 screws, and there are a couple “hidden.
    Has anyone else dealt with the X-7700 to note (and share) where the hang up happens?

  5. Alli

    How were you able to open up the machine? I’d like to give it a try because nothing else seems to clear the error.

    • Alli if is exactly the same model like mine I will send you an email with detailed explanation how I did it. If not send me a picture with your model and I can figure out a solution to open up the machine.

      • Sharon Stavig

        Can you please send the directions on how you opened your machine to sharonstavig@gmail.com. Thanks, Sharon

  6. 12/14/2013

    When you got this error did your machine work at all? If I turn my machine off and on again it sews for a small stretch and throws this error again (locks up)? Does it sound like the solution above would fix my issue? Any help would be great!

    • Yes, it’s exactcly like mine was doing. When I was turning on and off, it was ok for a short period of time. I think this is the solution. From the beginning, my machine was not so easy sewing, like it is now, I suppose there’s a problem with this model, actually, from the factory. At first there was only a grrr sound, but after a while the E6 error appeared, an I couldn’t sew, it was a nightmare, to turn off and on so many times. Hope it helps. I don;t have any problems with it now.

  7. Brian Jones

    The fault described above is identical to the one I had, I did find some debris too in the bobbin area, threads etc. I used an air duster and a modern Fin Lube with teflon, only very small amounts on the locations mentioned above and wiped off any excess.

    Thanks for the article and the comprehensive, pictorial diagrams.

  8. Golga

    How do you correct error e6 please thanks

    • Golga, you can follow the internet tutorials regarding reseting this error… if nothing works my method is the last option… subcscribe to mai blog and I can send you more detaills how to open up your machine..

  9. Alison

    I love you! LOVE! If not for you, I would not have had the courage to open up/dismantle my machine and I would’ve had no clue what I was looking for! Thanks to you, my machine is working again!! Thank for posting this! THANK YOU!

  10. Leslie

    Running out of options…found your site. Mine was so bad I had to take pliers to the ball. It still wouldn’t move left to right, but I lubricated inside the ball on both ends, and it at least spins almost completely free again! At least I know that I can do this again if need be. Thank you and your husband both!!

  11. Sean

    Thank you! Mine had the same problem, but on the lower ball. No more e6 errors or jamming but unfortunately the shaft slipped off the belt at one point and now it’s out of alignment and won’t pick up the thread. Any chance you have any close up photos of the bobbin area to see the needle timing? Thanks again!

    • Hi, Sean, unfortunately I have only these pics, and didn’t have problems since then, but if I’ll open again the sewing machine, I’ll make more pics. I am glad the post had helped you. All the best!

  12. Suzanne Miller

    OMG, this E6 error is making me crazy! I have the Brother CS-80, and I have tried every which way to open the machine with no success. I would be very grateful if you could assist. I ususally get the error when sewing many layers of fabric. Thanks so very much! Suzanne

  13. wendy

    I have model xr1300 and i applied your fix and i am back to sewing again. Thank you.

  14. Wendy

    I need directions on how to open up my brother CS6000i to see if I can get the E6 error to clear. I teach sewing classes and we’ve just begun and this error came so I HAVE to get it fixed ASAP or I have freshmen sitting with no machine to use!

  15. 2/8/2016

    I took my wife’s CE5000 apart yesterday and discovered this same issue. I think these particular bearings are problematic because there is nothing shielding them from the rubber that wears off the bobbin winder and the drive belt. As the black “microshavings” build up over time from normal wear, it gunks up the right-side bearings like glue, and as it heats up from the friction, it probably gets exponentially worse because it gets drawn into the bearing by the heat.

  16. Barbara Merritt

    Just subscribed to the email can you please send directions to take my machine apart before I throw it away? I have brother project runway

  17. Arlene Evans

    I have the XR-7700 model and it keeps getting the E6 error. I just subscribed to the email also and am hoping you can send information on taking the machine apart and cleaning it. Thank you.

  18. Cat

    I have the same error after hitting a zipper and bending the needle. Whoops! I replaced and am still getting the error. I opened the silver plate part and the needle seems to keep hitting and I can’t turn the knob on the right all the way around. I’m unsure if this is the same problem. Do you thing I should open it up?

    • If you never have this error before hitting the zipper the reason for error can be different.
      Opening the machine should be the last step. If you are careful and make a lot of picture for every step you can open it.

  19. 11/29/2016

    Could you also please send me the steps to take apart the machine to clean those three spots? I am this close to finish but now e6 is stopping me! :/ Kaili.j.shi@gmail.com is my email address.

  20. Kiarra

    Okay so my machine is doing the same thing but it’s not thread caught up . How do I open it up ? Its a ES-2000

  21. Edwin hazenbosch

    How do I open a brother NV-10 ? I have the same e6 error.

  22. Boukyn

    Hello, thanks for the post. I followed all the directions in the image but now my sewing machine won’t stitch properly, the stitch regulator doesn’t control the stitch length.
    Please what can I do to make it work again

  23. Nicole

    Thank you so much for your post. I never would have had the nerve to open the machine without it, and it totally fixed the error.
    Would you happen to have any tips about how to keep the tension dial/disk working properly as you put it back together? 🙂

  24. Veronica

    Hello, I have a part that fell out of my sewing machine when I took the cover off to clean and I’m wondering if you might know what it is.

  25. Lisa S.

    I am so glad for this post on your blog. Me and my husband took my machine apart today, it is an XR9500PRW. I have had it for 5 years. The hand wheel would not turn at all. The same bearing (ball) that you showed above was the same one on mine that was all gummed up. Literally could not move it at all. So, with WD-40, PB-blaster, silicone lubricant, and a pair of vice-grips, we were able to get it free, and were able to slide it to get all the gunk out, which looked like pieces of fiberglass. It had actually wore grooves into the metal shaft the ball was on. We greased it, put it all back together, and it works perfect! Thank you so much for the pictures! I am glad to have my machine working again!

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