Today I inaugurate a new section on the blog, that I would like to call Food To Die For.  From the name, you can clearly understand that it will be an agenda, totally dedicated to great simple food I eat every day.


In my daily meeting with people, the second question after clothing and fashion is ‘What Do You Eat, to look like this?..’

So, I told  myself:  “why shouldn’t I give you all, some interesting inside of the  food I eat, additional to my clothes.


I’ll start with something I eat on a daily basis,  and is done by me.

NO artificial flavor, NO preservatives, NO clotting agents!




For almost 2 years I gave up buying yogurt from the supermarket and began to make my own. It is so simple, healthy and delicious that I will never give up on it!


HOW TO DO IT YOURSELF? It is more simple than choosing the right outfit in the morning.

You need to:

buy milk

boil it ( I buy raw milk, but if you buy pasteurized milk you only need to warm it up)

let it cool down at about 35 degrees C


fill up the small yogurt jar with the milk, where you put in advance a few drops of some old yogurt

In 3 to 4 hours is ready to eat.


Because  in the kitchen I love vintage too,  I use this retro yogurt machine, made in West Germany, bough from a junk market in London for 5 pounds. It was never used, so it was pure luck for me!


Bon Appetit!




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  1. Jane W

    Yogurt has been on my list of things to try and I think I’ll use your recipe. Sure does sound simple…and delicious!

  2. Simona G

    pare foarte simplu si bun. de mult ma gandeam sa-mi fac iaurt in casa. acum m-am hotarat sa ma apuc de treaba. felicitari pentru noua rubrica. abia astept sa mai vad postari.

  3. Steve

    I prefer a tangy yogurt, but your way is very easy.

  4. 7/12/2013

    Mie mi-a adus o prietena cultura de bacterie de kefir pe lapte! De o saptamina, zilnic, am o portie de homemade kefir!

    • Si cum arata cultura asta, e sub forma de praf?
      Eu m-am obisnuit atat de mult cu iaurt facut in casa, ca nu mai pot manca din cel de la magazin.

      • 7/12/2013

        Nu, e pe lapte … deci arata, miroase si are gust de kefir :)

  5. Sherby

    I just found this machine in my late mils store. Can you please explain how to you use it? Tia.

    • Hi, Sherby, as I explained in my post, you warm up the milk to 30 Celsius, or boil it and let it cool down to this temperature, if is raw milk.
      In each jar you put 1 tsp of yogurt or kefir, bought from the supermarket, pour the milk in the jars, put the jars in the machine, without the leads, put the lead of the machine and turn the on/off button on the ON position, a red light should appear. Let the yogurt seat there for about 4 hours or until it is done. You can check if the yogurt is ready, no harm can be done, you take off the lead of the machine and check the jars.
      After you made one row of yogurt, just keep in mind that you need to keep some for the next round, you don’t need to use anymore yogurt bought from the supermarket, you just use your own.

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