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  1. Neacsa

    Bravo Cata, bravo Elena. Felicitari, ma bucur tare pt voi !
    Cata, daca vrei sa faci o colectie si pt gravide, iti stau la dispozitie ca si model :). Va pup si succes in continuare.

  2. Adriana

    Hi Catalina, any ideas how to wear tartan, it is always in season(well in Scotland anyway) but i never know what to match it with. Thanks

    • Hi Adriana, I suppose you refer to a skirt, or tartan pattern in general, as a fabric that can be used for skirts, jackets, blouses etc?
      If you meant a skirt, and you are the lady like style, you can wear it with stilettos, black tights and blouses with Peter Pan Collars, trench, a nice purse and you are done. And don’t exaggerate with accessories, keep them to a minimum.
      If you are more of a rock chick, you can change the stilettos for biker boots, t-shirt and vest, and because there is always a cold weather there in Scotland, a leather jacket (biker style inspired), and lots of accessories( bracelets,many of them, rings, chains).It’s up to you how much you dare.
      If you tell me what color is the tartan, how is the skirt etc, I can help you more.
      Thank you for asking me!

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