1. C. Machlan

    I am very interested in finding out more about the coconut oil you used because I have a friend in Romania who needs it for her ALS! Can you give me the details so I can give them to her? I too have ALS, and have been taking organic coconut oil since 2009 with very positive results so I know it works!!!

    Thank you!
    C. Machlan

    • Hi C.Machlan! I am glad you feelbetter with the aid of coconut oil! This organic coconut oil, that I am using, is from Steaua Divina, a romanian brand. I bought it from a health food store, but your friend can order it from their website http://www.steaua-divina.ro/produs/160/ulei-bio-de-nuca-de-cocos . They produce smaller or bigger jars, so she can choose what’s suitable for her.
      I am really pleased with this product from them, I am still using it, and it’s great!
      If you have more questions, pls ask!
      Thank you, Catalina!

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